About Riaz Hassen

Riaz believes the triggering point of true meaningful transformation occurs when the coach helps you to deep dive into your own operating system and discover the ground zero point of core limiting beliefs and helps to navigate to achieve the desired goals & aspirations. Riaz's artistry of unlocking potential facilitating to clear all obstacles discovering true values and inner beliefs systems to accelerate helps achieve a more purposeful LIFE through shifts in behaviour, choices and emotions that will lead to a life full of abundance. Riaz's customized coaching is a powerful leadership enabler helping to increase personal effectiveness, performance management, standards of leadership effectiveness and accelerate growth among C suite level executives, senior managers and business owners.


  • Increase personal effectiveness and execution excellence
  • Create business savvy high performance sustainable leadership culture
  • Increase your drive to achieve desired goals through meticulous planning
  • Greater clarity around priorities
  • Craft action plans to bring thoughts into reality
    Improved team effectiveness, engagement and performance
  • Instigating a culture of creativity, entrepreneurship in the organization
  • Increase interpersonal effectiveness and leverage the power of networking
  • Discover your natural strengths and required stretch to accelerate performance

Leadership Competencies Beyond 2020





Creating strategy

Driving results

Improving Managerial Effectiveness

Learning Agility

Decision Making

Customer focus
Critical Thinking

Coaching &  Developing Others

Working with AI

Market  Insights / Business  Intelligence

Leading with EI

Driving  Team Performance

Courage To Challenge
The Status Quo

Mental Agility

Influencing and  Networking

Optimizing Talent & Problem Solving

Cultural Sensitivity

CLA Leadership Excellence Awards

Annual CLA Great Manager Awards
The CLA Great Manager Awards launched to identify, assess and recognize mangers on five constructs of leadership, Namely DRIVE, ALIGNMENT, COACHING, TEAM EFFECTIVENESS and INTEGRALITY
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