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‘Lead Your Way To The Top’
Meet premier Leadership & Executive Coach, Business Strategist and Thought Leader on achieving absolute success in your life and accelerate your professional development and translate your personal goals into your life's routine actions powering yourself to achieve your biggest goals and aspirations.

Riaz helps shape your executive performance to reach the pinacle of success through shifting paradigms to create the next generation of effective leaders through one on one coaching, cohort coaching and transformational coaching methods.

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1 on 1 coaching
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Lead Your Way To The Top by Riaz Hassen

Riaz along with his dynamic team at Colombo Leadership Academy brings diverse industry experts, academics, thought leaders and innovators to impart relevant practical insights that add-value to each participant's personal growth, grooming them to be more effective in their chosen fields. These experienced and renowned change agents are veterans of the high-powered corporate world, and they get to the heart of the matter and provide the tools that can steer individuals and organization achieve the desired goals.

Business coaching

Riaz and his team apply experiential
learning through Business Impact
Projects and Executive Coaching to
nurture future business leaders on
how to effectively create cultures
where people and strategies align
well for the creation of shared vision
and favorable results.


Aspiring leaders who want to accelerate their pace in achieving and fullfilling their business and personal goals and reinventing a more purposeful life that is meaningful and rewarding.


Helping you to discover your true potential through unlocking your limiting beliefs and highlighting opportunities for development through a customized 360 degree profiling tool that assesses your current leadership behaviors.


Riaz's signature coaching programme Lead Your Way To The Top provides high potentials the opportunity to expand their leadership competencies through a structured experiential learningexperience.


Helping FTM's shift from an individual contributor mindset to a team performer. In an ever competitive landscape managers have become the live wire in an organization and has strong co-relation to business growth.

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‘Riaz’s Executive Coaching programme through CLA is one of the best programs is one of the best
that I have attended in all these years. Coming from a developed talent development market like
Singapore I was pleasantly surprised and impressed that the program conducted by Riaz is
comparable, if not better, than many of such programs conducted in Singapore and the region.

If anyone need recommendations of what programs to attend in 2020 and beyond Riaz and Colombo
Leadership Academy is my first choice. I strongly recommend people to consult them as what they
offer you in the leadership coaching arena will far exceed your expectations.

Andy NG

Andy NG

Chief Trainer Asia Coaching Training Singapore

‘Riaz’s flagship programmes of executive development, execution excellence and managerial
effectiveness provides direction to develop principled, innovative leaders to provide ideas that
advance leadership in action. Riaz has localized some of the best global practices and aligned them
to address the Sri Lankan business needs. It is indeed my privilege to associate with Riaz over years
and his dynamic team at CLA’

Archana Law

Archana Law

Executive Performance Coach & Organizational Development Expert

‘The way in which Riaz and his team managed the overall coaching programme was extremely
professional, the process was solid and transparent. His private sector exposure, which he brings on
to the table, gives a good balance between execution and theory. Riaz differentiates himself
specifically in his area of area of transformational coaching and leadership development. His
business acumen and vast industry knowledge, study of the market, people, processes and systems
prior to proposing a solution is highly commendable. Our experience with Riaz and his team at CLA is
very satisfactory and overwhelming’

Paduma Subasinghe

Paduma Subasinghe

Senior Vice President – HR Browns Group of Companies

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