Colombo Leadership Academy launches High Performance Leadership Programme in Maldives

RAFY ngo organized a Strategic Leadership coaching workshop in partnership with Colombo Leadership Academy powered by Hotel Jen Malé, Maldives to equip business managers with the competencies and skill sets required to enhance business acumen & accelerate business performance through developing corporate entrepreneurial behaviour—especially to C suite and senior manager-level audiences. Key highlights of programme were on leadership creativity & innovation, Leading change & transformation and effective execution of strategy. Simulations based on real business dynamics and learning experiences were used with case studies, stories, and team problem-solving methods providing multiple opportunities for the participants to practice and improve strategic decision-making and create collaborative cultures in the organization to drive performance engaging all stakeholders. Senior levels audience participated from the Corporate, civil and uniform bodies. A total of 60 participants were present from Hotel Jen Male, Ooredoo Maldives, State Trading organisation, MFLC, Fenaka, MACL, MPL, Maldives Police Service, Maldives Customs Service, Maldives Immigration, Sun Media Group, Juways Cafe’, MTDC etc. We take this opportunity to thank the General Manager Mr. Rahim Flynn, Senior team Shafiyya Steinhilber, Neen Mohamed, Ali Sharam of Hotel Jen Malé, Maldives, CEO Mr. Vikram Sinha, Team members Noora Zahir of Ooredoo Maldives, MD of STO, Chairman & CEO of MPL, MD of MACL, Commissioner of Police for their support rendered to us to make this event a success. #High performance coaching #Leadership development #Performance coaching

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