Colombo Leadership Academy on the strategic role of HR in Sri Lanka

The conclusion of the workshop “Linking HR Strategy with Business Strategy” conducted by the Colombo Leadership Academy brings to an end a two-day master class on the inner workings of Human Resources best practices to create people centric businesses.

The program conducted at the Kingsbury Hotel in collaboration with People Business India focused on aligning human resources with strategic business growth, articulating and implementing compelling Employee Value Propositions EVP, identifying and developing employee potential, building a high performance organization and business transformation through leadership transformation.

The event, presented in partnership with People Business, a global human resource management consulting firm focused on improving the performance capabilities and business results of client organisations, featured local and international industry leaders such as Dr. Sandeep K. Krishnan – Director People Business India, Mervyn Raphael – Founder Member People Business India, Riaz Hassen – CEO / Founder Colombo Leadership Academy, Arosha Jayasundera -Director of Avix Consulting Group and Archana Law – Personal & Emotional Intelligence Coach. The workshop focused on educating participants on the many crucial areas of correctly managing and utilizing human resources in the business context.

Speaking on the major focal points of the workshop – Employee Value Proposition (EVP) and Employer Branding, (Riaz Hassen and Mervyn Raphael) explained, “Worldwide studies indicate that a staggering 24% of employees across sectors studied are actively disengaged at work, while only 13% of employees in the same research group are engaged. The workshop educated participants on the importance of creating an Employee Value Proposition, which functions as the core of an employer brand, helping to define the image and value of an employer – both within the organization and to external stakeholders – while motivating employees to work harder and be more engaged. This concept has gained immense popularity around the world and the Colombo Leadership Academy Human Resources workshop shed light on the implications of it in the Sri Lankan context.”

During the inaugural forum Riaz Hassen highlighted that HR should play a more compelling strategic and an independent role in the organization in leading change & transformation, creating value propositions in driving high performance cultures and also making the organization a great place to work in the minds of existing and prospective employees. Riaz also urged that HR should never compromise their professionalism and become personal loyalists of owners and board directors of organizations.