Do You Recognize The Generation Y / Millennials In Your Organization?

High attrition rates increase the cost of hiring, training, developing and retaining great talent in an organization. On the long run this destroys the fabrique of the organizational culture and the very foundations on which they are built. The Millennials have already come and some have even entered your organizations. Do you recognize them? Have you ever had a long conversation with them as to find as to what forms their thoughts of habits & consciousness. They account for the highest attrition rates in organizations as high as 60% in their category. Highly Intelligent, greater awareness & insights of technological trends, First to know on latest trends, news & current affairs, passion for creativity & innovation, burning desire to succeed fast, Tech savviness are some of the key characteristics of this younger dynamic workforce. The failure to understand these unique characteristics of the group and expecting them to follow the norm in the organization laid decades ago would undoubtedly result in the quick exit of the talent the organization recruits. The wrong target group in the wrong organization? Or is it the stubborn organizational culture that thwarts the potential talent that otherwise could have become a great resource to the company. Is your leadership equipped and ready to deal with the millennials and the Y gens Or do you expect the new comers and potential leaders to fit the profile of the organization no matter what it costs.