“Empathetic leadership with poor results is not respected. It is often seen as incompetence”​

The blog features leadership insights from leading CEOs / CHROs on effective leadership and how their leadership styles helped to shape the organization culture and executive performance in mitigating the ever changing challenges in the business environment. This episode features Dr. Sandeep K. Krishnan the COO & Senior Partner at People Business, a global HR and Leadership consulting firm in conversation with Riaz Hassen – CEO of Colombo Leadership Academy . Dr. Sandeep is the author of the best selling book “Mind of a Consultant” and “Making of a CEO” published by Penguin. He is also a Visiting Faculty at IIM Ahmedabad and IIM Indore. 

Dr. Sandeep Krishnan’s book The Making of a CEOhttps://www.linkedin.com/embeds/publishingEmbed.html?articleId=7014210557092741880

Riaz – What is the future of HR and where do you see the challenges and changes happening?

Sandeep – Employee experience and digital transformation of the workplace are two themes that are spoken in a big way in the field. HR practices are now getting tuned to the aspirations of employees. This has become a competitive advantage in many industries were talent war is brimming. HR leaders are to be more digitally savvy and explore possibilities of embracing this change. The second key aspect is about employability. While there is a whole breed of young talent that have skills for the current, the experienced employees are going through a crisis in terms of their employability. Constant re-skilling in terms of new both techno-functional and behavioral aspects are going to be the key.

Riaz – What are the key learnings you have taken from the recent crisis in the area of talent management and employee engagement?

Sandeep – Many organizations are reactive to the internal challenges in terms of talent management and employee engagement. They will do talent management and employee engagement when the challenges like attrition, poor employee morale, or inability to attract talent are already exposed. The biggest learning is a proactive process to the same and also make sure it is sustainable. This is a whole set of cultural and mindset change. Unfortunately, it is a chicken and egg story. HR often is not able to convince the management in investing in the new practices till the poor situation throws up. It needs a visionary management to work in partnership with HR leadership to ensure that organization is well equipped to handle talent management and employee engagement in a sustainable manner.

Riaz – What style of leadership will help to create a high performance organization culture?

Sandeep – Empathetic leadership with poor results is not respected. It is often seen as incompetence. High performance organization culture needs leadership that is that is transformational (provides vision and has an eye on positive outcomes) and is visibly caring to its employees.

Riaz – What defines a Great Manager and what are the key competencies required to be one?

Sandeep – In our experience of leading the Great Manager program in the country , there are four aspects that stand out : Self motivated and who has an eye for goals, walk the talk, high on credibility and learning orientation, and overall somebody who is inclusive and brings the best of his/her team members.

Riaz – What are the best practices in your organization that defines your employer brand?

Sandeep – At People Business, three aspects stand out – a culture of learning, early responsibilities and accountability, and unlimited possibilities for innovation/experimentation and personal growth.

About the interviewer – Riaz Hassen

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Riaz Hassen is the founder CEO and Managing Director of Colombo Leadership Academy and has served in board positions in diversified conglomerates and has over 30 years of experience in providing leadership and driving business growth. He is an experienced Executive & Leadership Development Coach, A Leadership Effectiveness & Culture Assessor certified by the Leadership Circle USA. Culture & Diversity Ambassador by Hofstede Insights. Riaz is equipped with vast experience in Executive, Leadership and Transformation Coaching domains. Riaz is also an advocate of crafting Employer Branding strategies developing Employer Value Propositions and Diversity & Inclusion ventures. Check www.riazhassen.com