How CLA COACHING Navigated the Covid-19 Challenges in 2020

As a premier transformational leadership coaching & executive education facility inspiring organizations and individuals nurture effective leadership skills to create measurable and lasting impact in their businesses CLA COACHING saw the dawn of 2020 as an awesome year to set new benchmarks for reaching greater heights to accelerate growth momentum in it’s business journey. However, the unexpected pandemic around the globe that caused substantial economic and business damage left organizations to revisit their coaching and leadership development interventions with in-depth analysis as to ponder whether investments on coaching and people development would be a top priority given the uncertainty of the business landscape.

The COVID-19 pandemic compelled organizations to lay off employees, right size and reinvent newer business models to leverage the evolving challenges in the new normal. Remote work #WFH models emerged with much speed as organizations looked for alternatives ways to serve their customers and continue to be in business. These challenges brought in new paradigms in investing on the right people developing their competencies to work in a more wired environment and demanding the leadership roles to further improve engagement levels in a state of extreme uncertainty.

CLA COACHING launched a well designed masterclass on personal effectiveness programme Rising After The Crisis empowering leadership decisions during uncertainty and taking a deeper look at the survival strategies aftermath of the crisis.

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This virtual programme was launched in Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, Singapore, USA, UK and Canada through focused social media campaigns attracting the target profile of customers.

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During this period the company also designed a customized programme on Coaching First Time Managers influencing resilience and empowering confidence to enhance personal leadership effectiveness and build measurable impact on performance opening pathways to a paradigm shift to new business models. The strong reflections and testimonial of this coaching programme helped CLA to expand further to many sectors.

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What participants say about the Coaching First Time Managers programme

The annual CLA Great Manager Awards programme event scheduled during April 2020 too got disrupted due to the pandemic and the Great Manager Awards team deliberated and looked at an innovative way to host the event inside respective organizations who won the awards programme. “The Company with Great Managers Award” was conferred to the following companies Ceylon Cold Stores PLCNational Development Bank PLCNational Savings Bank Fairfirst Insurance Bharti Airtel Lanka (Pvt) Ltd State Bank of India Sri Lanka Browns and Company PLC

This paved the way for more employees to witness the winners and recipients of the coveted Great Manager Awards within the organization. Kudos to the creativity and out of the box thinking of the team members to executive the awards give away that best suited the new normal. A big thank you to the panel of governors of the CLA Great Manager Awards who carried out the validation interviews of the shortlisted candidates amidst their busy schedules.

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CLA’s bespoke executive coaching interventions saw an increased number of participants from organizations that focused serious attention on developing their future leaders. The flagship transformational coaching helped to shape the executive performance of potential leaders to reach the pinnacle of success through shifting paradigms to create the next generation of effective leaders through one on one coaching, cohort coaching and transformational coaching methods.

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The customized 360 profiling maps a comprehensive evaluation of their leadership competencies and gain awareness providing greater & deeper insight into their leadership culture and highlighting pathways for transformation to enhance key leadership competencies required to drive high-performance cultures for personal and organizational growth.

It is no doubt that 2021 and beyond will demand a complete reinvention of leadership styles to navigate the uncertain terrain and face ambiguities. Leadership agility will become the most important factor to ensure decisiveness and execution speed for business performance sustainability. The business landscapes will demand a tech savvy wired leaders in the face of rapidly changing technological interventions. The ability of managing diversity and inclusiveness will also become very significant to ensure a sustainable business culture.

CLA wishes absolute success in all your leadership journeys.