The Great Manager Awards

THE GREAT MANAGER AWARDS – Recognizing COMPANIES WITH GREAT MANAGERIAL QUOTIENT and recognizing GREAT MANAGERS across industry and organizations. – How do your managers stack up against industry peers?

Often we find it’s the senior leaders who set the strategic direction of the company and motivate the teams for execution excellence, but they are rarely seen in the trenches handling and confronting difficult conversations with poor performers and coaching individual employees for accelerated business performance.

Successful organizations see GREAT MANAGERS as the key differentiator for high performance and sustainable growth. Identifying, developing and retaining GREAT MANAGERS at the front line has become a unique competitive advantage that leads to a more performance driven, profitable and agile organisation.

Organizations with extremely strong front line capabilities outsmart the mediocre ones due to their focus on building stronger third and fourth tier leadership levels. In the long run the organizations too emerge as an entity nurturing strong leadership and managerial acumen and culture that instigates execution excellence, creativity, fostering high performance teams. This leads to enhancing the employer brand image of the organization and a leadership eco system providing a strategic competitive advantage in their respective domain of business

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