The Need to Develop Business Savvy Managers

Organizations need to pay greater attention to develop business savvy managers and hunt for talent with leadership competencies that suit the organization’s business vision to survive in an intensely competitive business environment. There is a sense of urgency for HR to play a strategic role in this context and align HR initiatives & efforts to suit business strategy without having to focus merely on hiring technically competent skilled workers based on professional qualifications and track records. The urgency to create high performance cultures to increase organizational performance compels every organization to engage stakeholders with greater ownership of shared vision to take the organization to the next level.

The future readiness of organizations to meet new challenges and to successfully navigate through uncertainty and complexities in the business landscape is extremely lower primarily attributing to the absence of knowledge on WHAT IT TAKES TO BE BUSINESS SAVVY. Organizations should consciously focus on developing, transforming and empowering managers to recognize opportunities to create value, instigate creativity & innovation. This would undoubtedly inspire managers to identify opportunities and transform them into business initiatives where others see chaos, ambiguity and confusion.

Take a lesson from the story of cricket or football in the first step of creating a high performance team they look for competencies to form a winning team who first and foremost must create strong proficiencies in their respective domains to collaborate and engage all players towards the achieving the final objective of WINNING and creating desired outcomes. It is of paramount importance that leaders nurture business savvy members in the teams so that they embrace the need to celebrate performance and create WOW factors in every milestone they achieve. Effective engagement techniques and true appreciation of collaborative outcomes must become a daily routine and culture of the organization

 Effective business managers have extremely high clarity on the company’s strategy, vision and the mission and their competencies extend beyond having greater depth of knowledge of the industry they are involved and possess proactive behaviors in anticipating competitive behavior and industry trends. Business savvy managers articulate, propel and accelerate robust business performances through leadership effectiveness.

Creating unique business models and executing disruption type strategies are their passion and they embrace innovation to mitigate shorter product life cycles. They demonstrate decisiveness in their decision making process providing inspiration to subordinates and peers and demonstrate leadership agility and are extremely mindful of their contribution to the overall profitability of the company.

Organizations should focus on the developing business savvy cultures across the organization through investing on developing and transforming the potential leaders to create high performance cultures and should not be too late to awaken to this call of action when all the talent and competencies are depleted especially in an uncertain business climate.